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Taking a Break

Sooo the most tragic thing happened to me the other day... after a good 5 years, my laptop finally went KAHPUT! on me... I'm not tight at the fact that i lost my memory cuz i have everything saved on a Harddrive, but I'm more tight at the fact that with my computer gone, i can't be on AIM, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and check my mail like i used to... This situation of mine as made me realized that for so long i have been a prisoner to the internet and finally been set free... So with that said, i will no longer be consistantly stalking the lives of other's online and instead, enjoying the finer things in reality... WHO AM I KIDDING!? I NEED THE INTERNET!!! IM DYING OVA HERE!!! IMMA NEED SOMEONE TO FIND ME A LAPTOP OR ELSE IMMA GO NUTS!!!! but the point of this blog is to let people know that if you don't see me online like i used to, it's because i don't have that comfort of being on my own laptop anymore... Along with not having any internet, there will be no more production of videos, songs, beats, pictures and other creative expressions of mine.... Sucks doesn't it??? yea i know, how you think i feel?