Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was definitely here to set a lesson to NYC to never judge a book by the last book you read. So many people swore Sandy was finna be anything like Irene. I have never seen anything like that in my lifetime, plus being on Staten Island didn't help it either... the water at my job ended up flooding all of the tracks and train shop, i done seen big trees being ripped down to the floor N a boat (like deadass a big ass boat) hallf out the water and half on the street. This video was just showing how much water had done rose when the storm really started to pick up yesterday afternoon. That whole floor was covered with about 3 feet of water and that was only the beginning of the storm. I heard there are towns that lost everything due to the effects of this storm... Sandy has definitely put a halt to how this city runs and it will take who knows how long before things get back to its regular flow.



shoutouts to the homie Denzil Porter for supporting our sleep™ brand rockin' the "sleeping Astronaut" tee... check out his music as well... what links u ask?. .. GOOGLE the man! he everywhere!


Better Than Smash Bros

i just happen to stumble upon this game trailer while looking for what games i should get for the rest of this year... I must say that its about time that they decided to make a SONY version of this melee concept... Playstation has a plethora of characters that would make good combination just like Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo brand.... well heres a look at this... #thankMeLater


JamRock Ratchetness

my homie Coco telling me to log into some caribbean fever site so i can watch some crazy WorldStar Jamaican Edition video... First off the site asked me for everythingg except my blood type just to log in... but this video right here tho.... the worst product of human beings i ever seen.. these bitches started tossing rocks like they were Palestinians against Israelis.. well any who, u just have to watch it.