Im Official

As of June 12th 2012, I am now officially a conductor of Staten Island Railway. As much as I told myself that I would not follow in the footsteps of all the family relatives that work for transportation, I find myself well into their shoes. It's definitely not a bad move in life. I enjoy my job & can see myself growing throughout SIRTOA. The only challenging part of my daily routine is my commute but hopefully that will get better as I invest in either a spot on the island or a car.. I'm pushing for the car... so if you happen to ride on the train on Staten island.. Be sure to look for ya baiii


It Is What It Is...

It's a tricky thing when it comes to these estrogen types... they say be yourself & you'll find someone who likes you for you... What I learned from the society I'm unfortunately surrounded by
that you can be yourself all you want, at the end of the day, these women are going to end up being attracted to everything else but yourself... They have this pre-generated preference to like the over exaggerated man who is either some insecure asshole, a badass unaccepted by society while wishing for some storybook stigma of the perfect lover... they always wanna complain about the badass but ignore the good guy once he's in close range.... At one point I actually cared about why this is the way, then I realized its not much to care about... As long as I'm good in my skin, I really can't complain cuz you gotta respect it... If a shorty chooses that then that's all there is... All that means is that she wasn't really the type of woman you would want to have for too long...

BiLLz: The Movie

One of these days, I might have to put together a list of memorable moments in my life... I say this just in case someone ever needs to make a movie on me and wants to use non-fictional events & exaggerate the hell out of them, they have something accurate to go off of... For the most part I feel a lot of things I do or the way i perceive things are very interesting... For one, I feel like my life is similar to something like the Truman show... I deadass think everything that happens around me is only happening because I am the star of this show/movie... It always seems that everything always plays it part... It's weird to explain but I know exactly what I'm talmbout.


La Femme del Leech

One thing I can't stand is a female who always contact you when she need shit.. & the ones I deal with don't be low with it either... When I text them on some "Hey... How u doin?" I get no response but the moment they need something, all of sudden, they phone works just fine... & I have a habit of dwelling in the past when it come to keeping friends around... What I NEED to do is to start curving.. At the end of the day, all you can do is respect it... At this moment my phone has about 400+ contacts... By the next week, I'll probably have half of that... I'm not tryna keep in touch with leeches... If you can't help me build & make money, then what's the point... Time & money are valuable assets... The moment I feel you wasted any of the two, You're wylin for respect



I need to start saying no... I agree to mostly everything when someone askes me for a favor & then end up regretting it after... My biggest problem is thinking That everyone else's problems should be solved by me... I always make their issues my own. The keyword for the rest of the year is NO... I dot care if they hate me for it, I just gotta keep it moving...


Behind the Music

a video my homie Lynx put together about us like a few years back... its funny how it came out

LRLL Brainstorming

a brainstorm meeting with my colleagues about an idea we had for sketch comedy

PBF in the Studio

Lee B'day Party Pt.2

The Gowanus Project

once again ANOTHER video shot by my nephew... i had no clue what the plot was so i reviewed it and took it as some Blair witch parody... so enjoy

Escape from Manjar

a video recorded & directed by my nephew Manny and my cousin Jarrius (hence the ManJar title) all i did was put their idea to life through editing... enjoy