Mo'ville's Fallen Soldiers

i just had to do it... i been finna do this for a minute but just decided to make it today, lol...


The Lost Verses

Sooooooo i was cleaning my harddrive of unecessary clutter of shit i never use when i came across a folder i hardly ever listen to in my music... Original Music is what its labeled and this folder consist of all tracks done by either 1.people i know personally, 2. someone my friends know personally or 3. by me personally. I decided to listen to the ones i was on and it's very entertaining to listen to myself after a few years and wondered what made me write and say the shit i was saying????? I Must hve been hella bored. Some of it in my opinion was good shit, others.... ::Borat's voice:: Nahtsamuch!(lol). But here's a blog i entitle "The Lost Verses" of semi decent and meaningful shit i was doin back in the day when random recording for me was the anti-boredom drug (honestly it still is, i just dont have the motivation to start writing and recording ametuer shit... The studio is coming soon after its finished being re-venerated)... (lol)


Blog of the fallen "Dimes"

So i was touring through facebook noticing a few main pictures of certain individuals (by individuals i do mean Females). I couldn't help to notice a lot of people's pages that i may have had super crushes on back in the day. I would go to check their pages and peep current pictures and to be honest... i was not impressed. The one thing i hate to see but i guess can't change much is the fact that girls are letting theirselves go.... HORRIBLY too early! everyone and they mama is havin kids... Not the best decision for everyone at the moment. This makes me ask the question, is anyone NOT USING CONDOMS ANYMORE?!? Ladies and Gentleman, Having Babies is not a fad!..... It's life! and when you make the decision to have one, it is very financially, mentally and physically stressful. I understand no one wants to be an old parent but the fact of the matter at hand is that if you dont have a degree to achieve a good paying job, to make good money to provide a good living for the family... then you're just tryna make end's meet*


E-Z on da Kut

Once upon a random Thursday Afternoon woke up a man by the name of BiLLz. BiLLz had a full head of hair that wasn't done. BiLLz randomly decided to take a trip to the Barbershop. BiLLz walked to his Barber shop and randomly cut it off...


"So iNcrediBiLLz" The Bobby Movie (Casting Part I)

Another Random album idea and product expression... I thought of this concept in the shower and these are all the people who would the people of my fictional movie of my life... the Mo'ville Chapter of it at least (Old Westbury coming soon). I was like "if i had a movie of ME, who would play who?". I made an album on facebook at 1st, but i know how much my iNcredAudience loves to read! (sarcasm) so i made a blog. This is the 1st of the series. So i stood and thought (cuz you cant sit in the shower... well you can, but who would want to) and came up with these perfect people. Now just like any movie casting, I wasn't tryna find look-a-likes for the most part. Some people might have that outstanding physical trait that i may wanted to show in order to make the movie flow but, these people DO NOT look like them at all. I just matched stereotypical features and attitudes with the person.


Ain't Shit

So what's the word for today BiLLz???? anything funny you're gonna post????? Posting any crazy you videos?????? any clever words or sentimental posts for the public to read???? .


Happy Ma's Day!

20 things you probably didn't know about my momma:

1. was a Gymnast in Thomas Jefferson High School and got mad recognition still in the school from all the stuff she did.

2. works for NYCTA as a Zone Superintendent and has been doin a helluva job at it.

3. Volunteered and danced at Leaps N Bounds School of Dance.

4. Was born a twin but sister died at birth. (my unborn aunty)

5. Lived in Germany at one point in her life.

6. Had Robert Clayton Chappelle born by Ceazarian section just so he could be born on his "godsister's" birthday and to avoid him (me) to be born on his due date of April 1st.

7. Petrified of getting her license because of the car accident she was in during the late 90's

8. Writes poetry

9. Blames her loud and assertive tone on NYCT (well at least that wat she tells me lol)

10. Real Gov't name is "Saint Faith"

11. Daughter of 7 (... from Grandma at least... shoutouts to Ruth and Cora [aunty from grandpa side]... definitely my aunties for lifeys)

12. Stands tall at 4 feet 11 inches

13. Uses terms such as "Sheezy Coony", "Oooo lord help me!", and "ROBERT!!!!"

14. Born in Barbados

15. Got married in Jamaica to a bajan... and the only people that attended the wedding were her eldest daughter and granddaughter (nice!)

16. Threw her son's Playstation out the door during their Summer 2000 trip to Barbados

17. Has a hole in her leg from when a Rooster pecked the hell out of it when she was younger.

18. Allegedly put clothespins on her nose in order to get a "white nose" (the irony is i was born with the nose she always wanted)

19. One of the innovators of the idea of marking your juice so that you can tell if someone drank it.

20. One of the greatest moms ever!


ODB Moment

I felt being gritty and grimey so i was jus vybing to one of my favorite eMCees: Russell Jones aka Ol Dirty Bastard aka A'Son Unique aka Big Baby Jesus aka Dirt McGirt. Straight out of East New York, this man was the true epitomy of HOOD. As funny as it is, i look up to that man when i was younger. I never cared to be fly cuz Ol Dirty wasn't. I couldn't care about being a ladies' man cuz Ol' dirt wasnt. I just wanted to be the most Thoroghest nigga ever!. ODB was a wild dude. For example, Rolling up to pick up food stamps in a limo, coming on the grammys uninvited talkin about "WuTang is fo' da chil'en (children)", and always changing his name to some weird and random shit every 5 minutes. hold a convo to see her brother. Brooklyn Zoo was a song i sat down and memorized at the age of 8. Then when my sister got the album Enter the 36th Chamber, i tried to memorize the whole CD. When i moved to Canarsie, this dude Robert was an Odee Wu Tang Clan fanatic. By him being a fanatic turned me into one in a way. Brooklyn Zoo weirded me out too cuz it was the only song of its time that hardly had a chorus til the end (and to me that dont even count). Well here's more random entertainment i guess....


Throwback Vid

WOW! During my spring cleaning, i came across a bunch of CDs. I have no clue what was on them and was ready to throw them all away but sumthin' in me said to check to see what was on them. So i did and I'm glad i did because i came across a CD of my videos i produced from Morrisville State College's Video Broadcasting course (Shout outs to Gladys Cleland!). That class honestly is the reason why i even fucks with all this video production stuff. We had to make 3 mandatory videos and one optional video. I had to make 2 promotional videos for two clubs on campus (WCVM and CAB), a new story, and my optional vid was a music video. I already made the tracks on my freetime, all that was left was to record what i was talkin' about. I made this track in 2006 and basically goin off the WHY idea like Jadakiss. There's a longer version but i had to cut it for my project. PS- don't ask me why i felt the need to paint my face in the video. (lol) i wanted to be different. here's the product of that...