Music Monday

The Bird and the Bee- I Can't go for That

Music Monday

"Tight Pants"- Ninjasonik


I know her!

its not everyday where you're just sitting back, relaxin, & the new just happens to be on with a mugshot of someone you personally know on the news. Well that's kinda like how it happened to me. I was logging on facebook like usual to check random fuckery. I go touring through the news feed and just noticed a link posted by another friend of mine. i go click on it, and read it and it was about an armed robbery involving 4 people from White Plains. surprisingly, one of the people who were involved went to college with me. & i know there are usual times when people try to familiarize themselves with people just because they have some small connection of sort but #DEADASS i know this girl... we literally took spanish together.... twice! (cuz we failed the 1st time & coincidently took the same class a year later lol) but i was shocked to see her out of all the people i know being in that position... now im not one to judge cuz i have no idea whats going on in her life but all i can say is damn... you just never know with people... here are the articles if you want to take a gander and get more info on the story thus far.


Hipster Hi-lyte

this was actually an audio project i had to do for my advertising class at Morrisville State College... we were given a generic item and had to find a way to pitch and sell it to attract the younger demographic... my group was given a highlighter and this is what we came up with... the audio was produced by me & years later, i decided to make a video for it since im more of a video kind of guy... enjoy

Tuttie Showin Off

this is what happens when people get the perfect pullup installed in the crib and dont know how to act lol




Yooooooooo i deadass used to love this rap!... Articuno, JYNX!, Nidorina, BEEDRILL! Haunter, SQUIRTLE, Chancey (POKEMON!)

ThrowbaQ video of the Day

so i was on the phone with my home AB, and she reminded me of this old ass Boost mobile commercial... LMFAO enjoy