Happy Kuumba

December 31st
6th Day of Kwanzaa

To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

BiLLz Phobia for the day

fear of dancing.


Happy Nia

December 30th
5th Day of Kwanzaa

To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

BiLLz Phobia for the day

fear of sexual intercourse.

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Happy Ujamaa

December 29th
4th Day of Kwanzaa
Cooperative Economics

To build and maintain our own stores and other businesses and to profit from them together.

BiLLz Phobia for the day

Fear of long words.


Happy Ujima

December 28th
3rd Day of Kwanzaa
Creative Work and Responsibility

To build and maintain our community together and make our sisters' and brothers' problems our problems and solve them together..

BiLLz Phobia for the day

Fear of death or dying.
(Who isnt????)

The Wires 100 greatest quotes

Top 5 Drama ever I believe


Happy Kujichagulia

December 27th
2nd Day of Kwanzaa
Self Determination

To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves.


Happy Umoja

Today is Umoja... yup the 1st day of Kwanzaa. People need to stop treating Kwanzaa like some underrated Holiday. If you was down with the movement, you would realize that you get 7 nights instead of Christmas' one. I remember being taught to recognize these days & principles for they are what life is all about... this is just BiLLz way of commemorating deserved holiday.

December 26th
1st Day of Kwanzaa

To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.



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Taking a Break

Sooo the most tragic thing happened to me the other day... after a good 5 years, my laptop finally went KAHPUT! on me... I'm not tight at the fact that i lost my memory cuz i have everything saved on a Harddrive, but I'm more tight at the fact that with my computer gone, i can't be on AIM, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and check my mail like i used to... This situation of mine as made me realized that for so long i have been a prisoner to the internet and finally been set free... So with that said, i will no longer be consistantly stalking the lives of other's online and instead, enjoying the finer things in reality... WHO AM I KIDDING!? I NEED THE INTERNET!!! IM DYING OVA HERE!!! IMMA NEED SOMEONE TO FIND ME A LAPTOP OR ELSE IMMA GO NUTS!!!! but the point of this blog is to let people know that if you don't see me online like i used to, it's because i don't have that comfort of being on my own laptop anymore... Along with not having any internet, there will be no more production of videos, songs, beats, pictures and other creative expressions of mine.... Sucks doesn't it??? yea i know, how you think i feel?


Skool Dayz

So I have an early 8:30am class in the morning that i set my alarm to go off at 7am. I use my laptop as my alarm clock which just simply plays any song i choose in my music library at the designated time. I wake up to Throw it in the bag (Rmx) instrumental. The problem with this is many things but imma let you know why i woke up late today.



"You're Welcome" in Advance

Here are a bunch of links to sites i figured i share with the public just cuz they're out there and i'm nice enough to make it easier on you to find. Some may apply to you while some might not. You Bookmark whatever the heck ya feel like. I visit most of these sites on a weekly basis.



Coming Soon...

So my homie Slink has his own hustle up & running called Sleep Productions. He basically be on his photoshoppin, photoshootin-ness.... He got a logo and everything. I told him he should go farther than photography and start to push toward fashion a little bit. His mascot is a little sleeping dude named Tryp2phan (Trip-too-fan) which is an ingredient in medicine that helps to put people to sleep. I told him to get creative and make Tryp into different characters.... & So he did.

Coming Soon...

Flashback Reminiscence

Just like how i got the iNcrediBiLLz Confessions dropping in 2 days, i also have another segment i call Flashback Reminiscence dropping in October every Wednesday. In the past, on ever New Year's, i always tell myself that i would start a log about each day of that year. I always start off good but never really make it to be consistent throughout the year. This segment will just post some of the logs i written on specific days of the year. This kinda reminds me of the movie Butterfly Effect, cuz when i read my thoughts during the times, it almost takes me back to the moment it happened. I remember everything like yesterday. If you're the type to wanna read stuff like this, this is a dream come true. If not, then don't worry about it and continue with your regularly scheduled program.


So i always wait for these days of the year to arrive because it's once in a lifetime where you can see that the day, month and year all having the same numeral. Usually you expect this day to be some exciting day, but honestly, it's just another day on the calender. No Fireworks shoot off, no parades. Although no real crazyness happens, Movies usually take advantage of this opportunity to debut their films. Some of the days i ca remember stuff being on these special days was the 1st day of the 21st century (01-01-01), Cinco de Mayo of 2005 (05-05-05), I can recall some creepy horror movie coming out on June 6th of 2006 (06-06-06), 07-07-07 was a lucky year for people to get married at the same time it was my team's 3rd year anniversary. 08-08-08 was when i got my Sidekick and now who knows what 09-09-09 is gonna bring. I mean, besides that "9" movie coming out by Tim Burton. All i know is that it's here and i wish you a Happy 09-09-09 i guess.. this kinda thing wont be fun after 2012 cuz there is no 13th month.


Bun in da Oven

So this is what's in the stomach of one of my closest family members. Dunno if she wants it to be public so i will save her name til the time comes to reveal it. Kinda cool to know that she will be a mommy. She already shows the mommy trait very well, now she will have her own soon enough. All blessing and prayers goes out to her and this iNcredible journey. This is 1st look at my future baby ________! (and you thought i was gonna give it away, lol).



Apparently upon my web-surfing, i ended up finding this site that tells you what sites are using a certain user name from the sites that are not. For example: I type in my user name i commonly use on websites when logging in and then hit search and this site basically searches through all of the most popular or used websites and lets you know if that name is available to be used or not. It's just funny to see all of the sites i actually do use unavailable which lets me knows this site is accurate. What's weird tho is when i see unavailable for a site i know for sure i hardly go on. The site is usernamecheck.com. Check it out!


BiLLz Musik Vid of the Week

Has anyone else seen this video before???? I definitely found this by accident while listenign to a bunch of Mos Def songs on YouTube and this was mysteriously in the same playlist. I think it's a good combination of characters and the acronym C.O.L.O.U.R.S (Cool Outrageous Lovers Of Uniquley Raw Style) is a definitely good spin on the word for the video... & Plus, i aint seen Farnsworth Bentley in a video rapping since New Workout Plan by Kanyeezy... Speaking of Ye, this is the 1st time i seen him DANCE... and i aint talkin about no Goldigger ass rock he do in the video... in all, I lovett!

Word of Advice

"Say what you mean & mean what you say"

If you say "i'm hungry" chances are you made the decision in your mind to say and believe you're hungry.
If you say "I'm thirsty" chances are you made the decision in your mind to say and believe you're thirsty.
SO with that said, when you say "I wanna break up with you" chances are you made the decision in your mind to say and believe you want to break up.

N*E*R*D Appreciation

If you know me well enough, then you know how much of a fanatic i am of anything that Pharrell is behind. Pharrell's tracks i love, The Neptunes beats are crazy fuego, & N*E*R*D is definitely THE group i can listen to for eternity.

On Another note, let's clear up the misunderstanding.... I hear alot of people refer to N*E*R*D as the Neptunes and vice versa just because they assume there is no difference. Well here's the difference...

Pharrell Williams (by his self) = Pharrell aka Skateboard P

Pharrell Williams + Chad Hugo = The Neptunes- The producing team behind Hip-Hop & R&B's hottest singles

Pharrell Williams + Chad Hugo + Shay Haley = N*E*R*D- a rock band with a unique sense of Rock/Hip-Hop/R&B style

I get annoyed to hear people say the wrong titles. BUT BACK TO THE TOPIC AT HAND... i just wanted to make a blog showing appreciation to what i feel is the best group known to man (everyone is entitled to they own OP) . N*E*R*D stands for "No one Ever Really Dies" which the meaning behind that goes back to Physics being that energy never dies out, it is just transferred to something else and continues to live there until it transfers again. If you're not up on any of their music, they have 3 albums so far that i would recommend listening to. "In Search Of", "Fly or Die" and "Seeing Sounds" (I'm actually listening to this album as i type this blog, lol). I feel each of these dudes have the personality of not being caught up in the celebrity world (well i dunno about P-Will anymore, i think he changing on the low) but i like them and im actually debating about getting another tattoo in respects to my loyalty to the music. I was gonna get the N*E*R*D logo somewhere on me (it ressembles a red brain-like lightbulb). Here's some videos and pictures of N*E*R*D just cuz i felt like posting something visual.



What happens when the thing you desire so much, that you go the extra limit to evolve from your natural habits just to reach it, is suddenly intangible? What once was an arm reach away is just some mirage of nothingness. I feel like shit by the way because this exact thing is happening to me. I now regret a lot of things i done at the same time regret a lot of things i didn't do. They say change is good, but as of right now, i don't see it that way and who knows when i will see it the "right" way. All i know is that i am lost for words and nothing can express the blankness i feel right now. I blame myself... Thanks for everything


Happy Birthday Manny

This Birthday shout out goes out specifically to my one and only nephew in the entire world; My sidekick of randomness; My number one fan; Jaheed Emanuel Kennedy. He has finally reached the age of the teens... and im not talking about them 1st teens like eleventeen and twelveteen.... but im talking about the rough and rugged teenager teens. He at the age were girls will be the most important things in his life... when the little problems he had start turning into the bigger ones.... when being rebellious is something not done, but something practiced forever and a day. YUP! MY NEPHEW IS A TEEN! So i say Happy Birthday homie and celebrate with ease. You're one of a kind and i couldn't ask for anything better than what you already are. Change for no man & live life the way you believe you want to live it.


Splittin Image

Gotta love Boondocks for this reference. This is from season one's "The Garden Party".

iNcrediWord 4 the day


the action ejaculating sooner than expected and normal performance.

Legendary Game Night


Viva la K.o.P

iNcrediWord 4 the day


the action conversing to another individual in a manner where it is intimate.


iNcrediWord 4 the day


the action taking an action or comment to the level of unpleasantness to where it is no longer entertaining.



iNcrediWord 4 the day

"Spike Dudley"

the action of bowel movements resembling the feeling of feces being pins & needles.


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term describing an individual as crazy. Derived from the time in prison when medication is handed out.


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term describing an extreme state of highness do to the ingestion of any state altering drug.


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term describing an individual who is emotional.


iNcrediWord 4 the day

"Speak of the Devil..."

a term referring to someone appears after you mention them; short for "Speak of the Devil and he shall come".


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term referring to an individual who is disguised as a friend.


iNcrediWord 4 the day

"Roll Deep"

a term referring to traveling to a destination being accompanied by a large amount of people.


Boyz in da Hood

iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term referring to an individual being a hater while executing actions towards through words, facials expressions and/or song.


We are Lasers

To every man, woman & child:
we want to end the glamorization of negativity in the media. We want an end to status symbols dictating our worth as individuals. We want meaningful and universal education system. We want substance in the place of popularity. We will not compromise who we are to be accepted by the crowd.

iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term referring to an unfortunate looking individual.

Related term(s): "Ugly" "Mugg"


iNcrediWord 4 the day

"2 Soon"

a a phrase used in reference to actions or comments that are intended to be humorous but touch timely subjects that are still too sensitive for most people to be ready to laugh about.


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a derogatory term referring to an individual with homosexual tendencies.

Related term(s): "Homo" "Fag" "Queer"


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a general term for the female gender.

Related term(s): "Woman" "Lady" "Miss"


AIMing for Conversation

This has to be one of the many funny conversations on AIM i ever had. I was talking to my homie Kid from GFT (Get Fresh Team) like a year ago and this is the product of that conversation. I had to post it. The shit me and my GFT FAMily talk about on our regular days

iNcrediWord 4 the day


1. [noun*] a word used to describe any form of liquid substance; Primarily male semen.

2. [verb*] the act of ejaculation.


iNcrediWord 4 the day

"Ya Digg"

a term substituted for the phrase "Do You Understand?".

Related term(s): "Ya Feel me" "Nah mean" "Ya heard"



iNcrediWord 4 the day

"Skitchin' on tha flip"

a term substituted for "Chillin"

Amber Rose made Bobby Rose

so check it, i never bothered to jump on the Amber Rose bandwagon cuz i never found the woman to be iNcredibly attractive. Don't get me wrong, i knew she was gorgeous but i just didn't find her attractive.... til now. My homie Jo Butta put me on to this video of Rose being interviewed and this is basically me hearing her voice for the 1st time. It's just funny to me that the 1st time im hearing her voice, she is talking about shit i wanna hear. Me and Jo was talkin about how her voice is type birdish but a low key tone which i can tolerate if i was her joint. Without further Adue


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term substituted for "I'm Coming Right Back"


iNcrediWord 4 the day


the action of giving oral sex to a male.

Related term(s): "Suckin Dick" "Givin Head" "Toppin Off"




iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term referring to the genitals of a female.

Related term(s): "Pussy" "Vagina" "Coochie"


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term referring to the genitals of a male.

Related term(s): "Dick" "Penis" "Meat"


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term referring to an individuals buttocks.

Related term(s): "Ass" "Butt" "Booty"


Eden's World

iNcrediWord 4 the day


the action of fectal matter exiting the body.

Related term(s): "Shittin" "Boofin" "Doo-Doo'in"


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term substituted for the phrase "For real!", stressing the importance of the previous statement announced.

Related term(s): "Dead Ass" "True Story" "Fa'Real"


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a term substituted for an individual's community of residence.

Related term(s): "(Neighbor)Hood" "da Block" "da Way"


iNcrediWord 4 the day


the feeling of satisfaction.

Related term(s): "Goody" "Poppin" "Hot" "Cool"


iNcrediWord 4 the day


a derrogatory term used to describe the female gender.

Related term(s): "Bitch" "Broad" "Chick" "Shorty"


iNcrediWord 4 the day


the action of giving another individual unpleasant looks.

Related term(s): "Grillin" "Eye'in" "Starin' down"


iNcrediWord 4 the day


description after any content being extremely disappointing and unsatisfactory.

Related term(s): "Gay" "Gooz" "Ass" "Wack" "Trash"


Happy B'day Tuba-Stink!!!

I like to give a BIGHEADED HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my little Stink for a neice Miss Cleryssa Jewel Williams & Another BIG BAND HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin TUBA!... i mean Candice Alexis Williams-Bethea, lol. They both share the same Birthday... Isn't that amazing!?!?... not really but hey, still showing them some love...


Coming Soon...

iNcrediWord 4 the Day
So for the entire month of August, i decided to introduce a segment i call iNcrediWord 4 the Day. You will be seeing me post a new word everyday of my own customized vocabulary. Some terms you may know, while others.... Nahtsamuch! (means "Not So Much"). Be encouraged to leave comments under the words for the day.

iNcrediBiLLz Confessions

Check it! at 1st i wasn't one to speak to the public about what I'm going through and how I'm feeling but Nowadays, I couldn't give two spits. So in effect, I decided to start a weekly segment entitled "iNcrediBiLLz Confessions" debuting September 11th (Friday).

You're gonna hear me speak about a lot of shit i DEAD ASS hold in on a regular for personal reasons from the public. Also, some people will be mentioned (government names & all) in order to tell my tales. If it just happens to be you, I dunno what to tell ya. You might come to me sideways on some "Don't put my business out there" but once you interact with me, it's MY biz too. Most of these entries won't even be super long but more straight to the point. So just wait for September 11th cuz you aint gonna find shit like this on Twitter.


S.W.A (Skatboarders with Attitude)

Courtesy of Worldstar Hip Hop... and found on 21-7 MagEzine... i found this video to be very bad ass... it reminds me of the movie KIDS back in '97 (look it up if you don't know). Sometimes it's never good to sleep on the underdogs.... AT ALL


Yea, this blog is about you...

So just when i thought i couldn't find a compatible person to live life with and enjoy, the man upstairs threw me down a blessing..... and then after that introduced me to Ms. Josiah.

CocoKee {ko-ko-key} [noun*]- One that is half of Caribbean decent ("Coconut") and half of American decent ("Yankee")

We've known each other for about a year now and i'm glad things worked out the way they did. I wasn't sure at first if i was ready to ruin her life and mine with some flop of a relationship rushing the thought of being the one and only person for each other to be with. We took our time and was patient about taking those steps into the "title". Nowadays though, throughout all of the frustrations and happy times, it was definitely a good time to finally decide that this woman i can rock with for a good minute and on. The one thing i found cool and unexpected is the family's love for her. I'm big on family and as long as my fam is cool with you, i feel that's perfect cuz there is nothing that will overpower my love for my family. We are a unit that will stick by each other for a lifetime. So i dedicate this blog to the fat head CocoKee who annoys the hell outta me most times but always a joy to have around. MUAHZ! Love yaz and all that good stuff!


BRUNO means HORRIBLE in Austrian

I just got back from the movies theaters with my lady and we were disgusted to find out how bad of a movie BRUNO was. The worst thing about a movie is assuming it's gonna be wayyyy funny and then end up finding out for yourself that it's the total opposite.(i would give you a link for it but i'm afraid it might get shut down if i advertise it, lol)... THE MOVIE WAS STUPID... POINT BLANK!



Who woulda thought that the day i was wearing my Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles T-shirt, i would actually find someone the same day wearing it as a tattoo. Well OK, lemme not lie and act like i was wearing the tee the same day or lemme not lie and act like it happened recently.

Random Humor

Searching throughout the internet and happen to find this little comic strip. I found this very amusing to read... click on it to enlarge (HA! i used the word enlarge, lol)

Dark Knight Jumpoff: Part 2



Today oddly enough is Seven, Eight, Nine... I dunno what that means for today or if it means anything at all but i just thought i share... I tend to find things like this very amusing


Se7en Se7enty Se7en!

Today marks the day of Se7en Se7enty Se7en... but of course you're wondering what is Se7en Se7enty Se7en? well 7-77 (cuz i dont feel to type the words anymore since you now know how to say it) was the day that ATA was founded. The 1st 7 represents the days in week (7 days... but of course you knew that). The 2nd 7 represents the 7th day and the 3rd 7 is the 7th month of the year. So basically altogether 7-77 simply means the week of July 7th.



Happy 4th of Jew's Lies

Just wishing everyone out there a happy and safe Independence Day (Even though my people weren't "free" at all on this day... far from it)


Tasteless Visuals

Random pictures i have taken of other people's plates (or my own) after finishing our food... Looking at these pictures really doesn't help one to gain an appetite... Basically after one is finished, you remember how when you were in elementary school and you just made some weird creation after with your food before you threw it away.... well this is just that... If you noticed me posting pictures as blogs lately, it's because i'm cleaning my Harddrive and deleting them. So before i decide to delete completely, might as well share with you for one last look.

BiLLz Album Pick of the Week

I been in the comfort of my headquarters for the entire day today listening to music in nothing but my boxers. One mixtape that's been on repeat for majority of the day was Wale and 9th Wonder's "Back to the Feature". After listening to this mixtape front to back, i can agree with my homie Jabari that Wale is Waayyyyyyyyy better than Drake. I don't even know why it was some form of debate now that i think about it. One track i favor out of the rest has to be Rather Be With You (Vagina Is For Lovers) featuring J. Cole & Currensy. in on the beat but the lyrics definitely were impressive from each artist. I heard it the first time and it sound like they talkin about a girl but pissed off at her wack ass friend, but after listening to the song on repeat and putting the title to the words, i realized that they were actually talking to a woman's vagina and the "wack ass friend" was actually the woman who owns it. Lyrics such as "The only reason why i put up with this moody ass bitch is cuz of you..." helped me understand the whole shit. Kudos to Wale for being that nigga!




Random pictures i came across on my harddrive that before i decide to delete them entirely, I'll post on them on the blog.

The ol' branding image

BiLLz Wurds 4 tha Weak


Not a pleasing outcome...

DDR Disaster


The LOW point

this is the worst feeling ever to feel and im at that point of depression.... life is real and never how you plan it. Especially when the power of planning is not in your hands to make it..... that's all i will say....


Rememberin' the times...

Today was one of those moments where the earth stood still. This happened upoin hearing the news of the King of Pop passing away this afternoon. This blog won't be long winding about all of how he will be missed. I'm gonna use this bog to commemorate the man's life. He was a big influence in the music industry, as well as the world. Regardless of all the extra publicity stuff about him, this man died with a good history. Here's to the man we all listened to and watched growing up... MJJ; your Jersey has been raised in my life's Hall of Fame.