Happy B'day Tuba-Stink!!!

I like to give a BIGHEADED HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my little Stink for a neice Miss Cleryssa Jewel Williams & Another BIG BAND HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin TUBA!... i mean Candice Alexis Williams-Bethea, lol. They both share the same Birthday... Isn't that amazing!?!?... not really but hey, still showing them some love...


Coming Soon...

iNcrediWord 4 the Day
So for the entire month of August, i decided to introduce a segment i call iNcrediWord 4 the Day. You will be seeing me post a new word everyday of my own customized vocabulary. Some terms you may know, while others.... Nahtsamuch! (means "Not So Much"). Be encouraged to leave comments under the words for the day.

iNcrediBiLLz Confessions

Check it! at 1st i wasn't one to speak to the public about what I'm going through and how I'm feeling but Nowadays, I couldn't give two spits. So in effect, I decided to start a weekly segment entitled "iNcrediBiLLz Confessions" debuting September 11th (Friday).

You're gonna hear me speak about a lot of shit i DEAD ASS hold in on a regular for personal reasons from the public. Also, some people will be mentioned (government names & all) in order to tell my tales. If it just happens to be you, I dunno what to tell ya. You might come to me sideways on some "Don't put my business out there" but once you interact with me, it's MY biz too. Most of these entries won't even be super long but more straight to the point. So just wait for September 11th cuz you aint gonna find shit like this on Twitter.


S.W.A (Skatboarders with Attitude)

Courtesy of Worldstar Hip Hop... and found on 21-7 MagEzine... i found this video to be very bad ass... it reminds me of the movie KIDS back in '97 (look it up if you don't know). Sometimes it's never good to sleep on the underdogs.... AT ALL


Yea, this blog is about you...

So just when i thought i couldn't find a compatible person to live life with and enjoy, the man upstairs threw me down a blessing..... and then after that introduced me to Ms. Josiah.

CocoKee {ko-ko-key} [noun*]- One that is half of Caribbean decent ("Coconut") and half of American decent ("Yankee")

We've known each other for about a year now and i'm glad things worked out the way they did. I wasn't sure at first if i was ready to ruin her life and mine with some flop of a relationship rushing the thought of being the one and only person for each other to be with. We took our time and was patient about taking those steps into the "title". Nowadays though, throughout all of the frustrations and happy times, it was definitely a good time to finally decide that this woman i can rock with for a good minute and on. The one thing i found cool and unexpected is the family's love for her. I'm big on family and as long as my fam is cool with you, i feel that's perfect cuz there is nothing that will overpower my love for my family. We are a unit that will stick by each other for a lifetime. So i dedicate this blog to the fat head CocoKee who annoys the hell outta me most times but always a joy to have around. MUAHZ! Love yaz and all that good stuff!


BRUNO means HORRIBLE in Austrian

I just got back from the movies theaters with my lady and we were disgusted to find out how bad of a movie BRUNO was. The worst thing about a movie is assuming it's gonna be wayyyy funny and then end up finding out for yourself that it's the total opposite.(i would give you a link for it but i'm afraid it might get shut down if i advertise it, lol)... THE MOVIE WAS STUPID... POINT BLANK!



Who woulda thought that the day i was wearing my Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles T-shirt, i would actually find someone the same day wearing it as a tattoo. Well OK, lemme not lie and act like i was wearing the tee the same day or lemme not lie and act like it happened recently.

Random Humor

Searching throughout the internet and happen to find this little comic strip. I found this very amusing to read... click on it to enlarge (HA! i used the word enlarge, lol)

Dark Knight Jumpoff: Part 2



Today oddly enough is Seven, Eight, Nine... I dunno what that means for today or if it means anything at all but i just thought i share... I tend to find things like this very amusing


Se7en Se7enty Se7en!

Today marks the day of Se7en Se7enty Se7en... but of course you're wondering what is Se7en Se7enty Se7en? well 7-77 (cuz i dont feel to type the words anymore since you now know how to say it) was the day that ATA was founded. The 1st 7 represents the days in week (7 days... but of course you knew that). The 2nd 7 represents the 7th day and the 3rd 7 is the 7th month of the year. So basically altogether 7-77 simply means the week of July 7th.



Happy 4th of Jew's Lies

Just wishing everyone out there a happy and safe Independence Day (Even though my people weren't "free" at all on this day... far from it)


Tasteless Visuals

Random pictures i have taken of other people's plates (or my own) after finishing our food... Looking at these pictures really doesn't help one to gain an appetite... Basically after one is finished, you remember how when you were in elementary school and you just made some weird creation after with your food before you threw it away.... well this is just that... If you noticed me posting pictures as blogs lately, it's because i'm cleaning my Harddrive and deleting them. So before i decide to delete completely, might as well share with you for one last look.

BiLLz Album Pick of the Week

I been in the comfort of my headquarters for the entire day today listening to music in nothing but my boxers. One mixtape that's been on repeat for majority of the day was Wale and 9th Wonder's "Back to the Feature". After listening to this mixtape front to back, i can agree with my homie Jabari that Wale is Waayyyyyyyyy better than Drake. I don't even know why it was some form of debate now that i think about it. One track i favor out of the rest has to be Rather Be With You (Vagina Is For Lovers) featuring J. Cole & Currensy. in on the beat but the lyrics definitely were impressive from each artist. I heard it the first time and it sound like they talkin about a girl but pissed off at her wack ass friend, but after listening to the song on repeat and putting the title to the words, i realized that they were actually talking to a woman's vagina and the "wack ass friend" was actually the woman who owns it. Lyrics such as "The only reason why i put up with this moody ass bitch is cuz of you..." helped me understand the whole shit. Kudos to Wale for being that nigga!