Happy Halloween

although today is conflict of interest for me (today is a Sunday a holy day but also Halloween a not so holy day), i would like to wish you and all a very "happy" Halloween and such... heres a clip from Tim Burton's a Nightmare before Christmas to celebrate the day



Tekken Thursday

just like i promised... Click the FullScreen icon & Enjoy


Random Video Wednesday

back in the days i used to dance... this was our bread n butter* (bread n butter- our trademark). Im not in this actual performance because its recent, but here is my team performing at St. Paul's Community Baptist Church (qka the church that raised me) Watching this brought back crazy memories... i should really get back into dancing #deadass!

The Soundtrack to my Life

i know many people are and will sleep on Diggy Simmon's music BUT i will say that this kid had lots of potential and a lot of you won't see it til its too late (then you'll just be bandwagoners).. right now i have and been playing this track off his recent mixtape Airbourne hosted by DJ SpinKing entitled OH YEAH.. there are 3 reasons i fux with this track: (1) the beat is TUFFski (2) Lupe on it & (3) Pharrell is on it... #pointblank im glad to see that each one of Rev Run is finding their own waves to do sumthin big (except Jo-Jo, he's wack lol j/k) Stay tuned for more Diggy cuz i can see he gonna fit right in the type of music i wanna hear


Tekken Movie

So one of my favorite video games is coming out/came out with a movie and im ODee hyped to see it. Ever since this video game came to be, i been saying they should have a movie only because of the characters in the game i could find the cast that fits perfect for it. Well as for this version, i hardly knew any of the actors and actresses that played in the movie besides the Darin's Dance Groove dude from Stomp The Yard and Soul Food: The Series. This is the cast for the film.

"That boy is Good!"

the new black dude on Saturday Night Live is doing various impressions of other celebrities and is doing a helluva job! this is just part 1


1st Set OWT

finally got hold of the footage of my line; TOUGH 6REAK and i's 1st set owt at our 1st appearance as Bruhz at our annual chapter BBQue (our 1st BBQue was the year b4 that but we werent Ques yet lol)... so here it is. It's funny cuz in the 1st 10 seconds my mother makes a cameo appearance by running by the camera for no ass reason smh lol

Music Monday

"Ghettomusick"- Outkast


God forbid i get locked up in the future for sumthin dumb, i want this to be made and sold as mass T-shirts to everyone i know.... just cause!... lol... gotta be prepared for anything ya know! smh lol

Music Monday

"Dandellion"- Madcon



just like every year thus far in the new millenium, there has been these special days that only come once every 100 years... last year it was 09-09-09 (nuthin really significant unless you see it as the mark of the beast doing a handstand) so this year is 10-10-10... i just wanted to take the time to aknowledge a day as such... i really have nuthin relevant to blog about... so for my troubles, heres a video from Sesame Street


L1ghts Owt!

a design i had in mind for my Ace; Tyshaun Neal's varsity jacket wheneva he decide to get one... "I dont see nobody!" will be incorporated within the final design somewhere


She #beast'D

Sleep Sweepers



Since everybody and they mama is making a reality show tryna find they 'true love', i figure so can i! shoot!... I figured my show had to have a catchy name with the word love in it so i sat & pondered for a while what name that would be... i ended up making a decision between "SomeBobby-2-Love" & "Fuck Love cuz it Sucks!" (something told me to go with the 1st choice)... this show would be hot (i had the visual all in my head) i would hand out #2 tikis when i chose which women i wanted to stay... then i had to pick out which females would be candidates on the show & give them crazy ass names for the show... usually the name giving is done on the 1st episode but i already went & made the list of the females for my show & the names so....!


PoPPin behind the Scenes

Monkey Cheese

idk but i find the term Monkey cheese very humorous lol


So since Nintendo Wii came out with they whole "interactive-get-up-off-yo-couch-in-the-face-ass" gaming system, now everybody and they mama wanna make some form of a copycat gameplay... Seeing these SONY PS3 commercials of this device thing they got going on is kinda pitiful to know that they are bowing down to the Ninendo wave but i just witnessed Microsoft X-Box 360 on the same wave as well... Actually, their wave is wayyyy better... you dont need a remote, you just stand o this fancy shmancy mat and act out all the moves and it knows what you do... I was in Best Buy and i peeped this videogame called Dance Central and i was watching the woman demonstrate it... shit is "wavvy" as the Old Westburians wood say


Top 10 Twitpeeves

Music Monday

"Sexual Seduction"- Snoop Dogg

Gone Green

I always love new music... whether it be from established artists or up & coming... More so up & coming because they are the future of music.. well here is a perfect example of the future... An up & coming artist & my personal friend D Green just released his latest mixtape entitled GONE GREEN... personally, i can rock with it (& im a critic)... i woodnt waste time promoting wack music so you should take the time and give it a listen..

Music Monday

"Daydreamin"- Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott


N*E*R*D- Hypnotize You

NOTHING is coming November 2nd #thatisall
Deuces (Rmx)
Chris Brown feat. Drake, T.I., kanYe West, Fabolous & Andre 3000