yea so this is the last time a date like this will ever happen in my lifetime... so i decided to post this at 12:12pm just cuz i already missed it at midnight

Blue's the Force, Luke


The Vandalz!

just the type of things that happen in the day and the life... 


Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was definitely here to set a lesson to NYC to never judge a book by the last book you read. So many people swore Sandy was finna be anything like Irene. I have never seen anything like that in my lifetime, plus being on Staten Island didn't help it either... the water at my job ended up flooding all of the tracks and train shop, i done seen big trees being ripped down to the floor N a boat (like deadass a big ass boat) hallf out the water and half on the street. This video was just showing how much water had done rose when the storm really started to pick up yesterday afternoon. That whole floor was covered with about 3 feet of water and that was only the beginning of the storm. I heard there are towns that lost everything due to the effects of this storm... Sandy has definitely put a halt to how this city runs and it will take who knows how long before things get back to its regular flow.



shoutouts to the homie Denzil Porter for supporting our sleep™ brand rockin' the "sleeping Astronaut" tee... check out his music as well... what links u ask?. .. GOOGLE the man! he everywhere!


Better Than Smash Bros

i just happen to stumble upon this game trailer while looking for what games i should get for the rest of this year... I must say that its about time that they decided to make a SONY version of this melee concept... Playstation has a plethora of characters that would make good combination just like Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo brand.... well heres a look at this... #thankMeLater


JamRock Ratchetness

my homie Coco telling me to log into some caribbean fever site so i can watch some crazy WorldStar Jamaican Edition video... First off the site asked me for everythingg except my blood type just to log in... but this video right here tho.... the worst product of human beings i ever seen.. these bitches started tossing rocks like they were Palestinians against Israelis.. well any who, u just have to watch it.



i just found these pictures cool for two reasons.... 1] my trademark to always desaturate pics N 2] the lip make up is qool as shit... the pics speak for themselves...



so i have this thing now where i want to fulfill my destiny and cop all of the kicks that i told myself i would love to have in my sneaker collection... but like the quazi-baller that i am, i want to take this sneakerhead thing to a new height.. I will definitely be copping these rare kicks not one, but TWICE.. one to rock and one pair to stock... the only issue with that is that with other responsibilities in life, this might take me longer than expected but trust this is not an overnight success... here are a few kicks i have in mind to make sure i have... i just bought a 50 pair sneaker rack and i will aim to fill this entire rack of cool kicks.


Commercial of the week

now this Wrightnow guy is hilarious to me period.. & the fact that he's perisitent to watch movies wit this family makes me laugh.. the "GET IN HERE" signs the deal


Commercial of the week

so i have a plethora of commercials i consider humorous with the littel elements of random they like to incorporate, this Coke Zero commercial is ODee funny to me towards the end... the black dude's head nod of confirmation was all i need to entertain myself



Life is uneasy... Work is straining... family is stressful... love life is horrid... I really need to get it together spiritually cuz I ain't for much nowadays... no light shines & the only thing I plan to look forward to is the end... not talkin drastic like plotting suicide but jus sayin, I think death would be way easier


Look-a-Like (Garnet Silk Edition)

for the record, i even thought this was me for a second


Which is Which?

one of these is a knife & one of these is a bottle opener... but chances are if im addressing this, you can conclude that the obvious answer isnt the answer at all... you already can now conclude that it must be the total opposite of what makes sense being that the silver one is the bottle opener & the black one is the knife.... well you're right... it's exactly that


Music Monday

The Whispers - And the Beat Goes On



TwerkJawn (Pretty Nasty Edition)

people always say "dont miss this" when it comes to their events & i never pay it an mind but this event tho i definitely missed out... ths footage was taken by a homie of mine but chances are if i was there.. sheeeeesh


Im Official

As of June 12th 2012, I am now officially a conductor of Staten Island Railway. As much as I told myself that I would not follow in the footsteps of all the family relatives that work for transportation, I find myself well into their shoes. It's definitely not a bad move in life. I enjoy my job & can see myself growing throughout SIRTOA. The only challenging part of my daily routine is my commute but hopefully that will get better as I invest in either a spot on the island or a car.. I'm pushing for the car... so if you happen to ride on the train on Staten island.. Be sure to look for ya baiii


It Is What It Is...

It's a tricky thing when it comes to these estrogen types... they say be yourself & you'll find someone who likes you for you... What I learned from the society I'm unfortunately surrounded by
that you can be yourself all you want, at the end of the day, these women are going to end up being attracted to everything else but yourself... They have this pre-generated preference to like the over exaggerated man who is either some insecure asshole, a badass unaccepted by society while wishing for some storybook stigma of the perfect lover... they always wanna complain about the badass but ignore the good guy once he's in close range.... At one point I actually cared about why this is the way, then I realized its not much to care about... As long as I'm good in my skin, I really can't complain cuz you gotta respect it... If a shorty chooses that then that's all there is... All that means is that she wasn't really the type of woman you would want to have for too long...

BiLLz: The Movie

One of these days, I might have to put together a list of memorable moments in my life... I say this just in case someone ever needs to make a movie on me and wants to use non-fictional events & exaggerate the hell out of them, they have something accurate to go off of... For the most part I feel a lot of things I do or the way i perceive things are very interesting... For one, I feel like my life is similar to something like the Truman show... I deadass think everything that happens around me is only happening because I am the star of this show/movie... It always seems that everything always plays it part... It's weird to explain but I know exactly what I'm talmbout.


La Femme del Leech

One thing I can't stand is a female who always contact you when she need shit.. & the ones I deal with don't be low with it either... When I text them on some "Hey... How u doin?" I get no response but the moment they need something, all of sudden, they phone works just fine... & I have a habit of dwelling in the past when it come to keeping friends around... What I NEED to do is to start curving.. At the end of the day, all you can do is respect it... At this moment my phone has about 400+ contacts... By the next week, I'll probably have half of that... I'm not tryna keep in touch with leeches... If you can't help me build & make money, then what's the point... Time & money are valuable assets... The moment I feel you wasted any of the two, You're wylin for respect



I need to start saying no... I agree to mostly everything when someone askes me for a favor & then end up regretting it after... My biggest problem is thinking That everyone else's problems should be solved by me... I always make their issues my own. The keyword for the rest of the year is NO... I dot care if they hate me for it, I just gotta keep it moving...


Behind the Music

a video my homie Lynx put together about us like a few years back... its funny how it came out

LRLL Brainstorming

a brainstorm meeting with my colleagues about an idea we had for sketch comedy

PBF in the Studio

Lee B'day Party Pt.2

The Gowanus Project

once again ANOTHER video shot by my nephew... i had no clue what the plot was so i reviewed it and took it as some Blair witch parody... so enjoy

Escape from Manjar

a video recorded & directed by my nephew Manny and my cousin Jarrius (hence the ManJar title) all i did was put their idea to life through editing... enjoy


The Wait is Over

After the long wait.. Sleep Productions is now officially releasing our first line of shirts.. 4 designs finally a reality.. More to come in the near future but for now, you can pre-order yours today


Ideal Soulmate

• Sense of humor (doesn't mean she has to be a comedian but she has to enjoy the art of comical laughter once in a while)

• Conversationalist (someone who I can talk to about everything & absolutely nothing all at the same time)

Awkward moment

You ever seen a picture of a person online that wasnt in your circle of friends & at some random occasion, ended up seeing that person IN PERSON but didn't want to be that person who says "hey you're such & such from (social network insert here) right?" & not sound stalker-ish???


BoBBiLLz the Builder

so this is the result of what happens when you let people have "extra curricular activities" in your living room and shit gets out of hand. what sucks is that the people who put the hole in the wall didnt even put money in to fix the shit. i had to do it myself with the help of my 87 prophyte (thank God).. got it all fixed before i told mom the good & bad news