Tell em why #uMad!

Sumthin 2 Know

Well since i graduated, i can now say that I made this video... This video was for my Bruh Abe West for his class project... he was the cameraman and the visionary behind the idea so i give him credit but i basically did the editing for him... im sure he would have done it himself but he was kinda pressed for time... well here is his HIV awareness commercial which is always a good thing to promote... i am actually impressed with the concept and how we went about it to do it.



I am not just a number or a position
I am an attitude
I am a method of existence
I am the solid support of the whole
I am the unyielding foundation of it all

I am there to clean things up when the ace messes up
I am the diligence that the ace wants
I am the appeal that the tr3s hates
I am the spirit that the fours envies
I am the resolve that the others respect

I am a 2EUCE

I am the one branded as wild and crazy
I am the one to never follow blindly
I am the one to question the status quo
I am the one to think outside the box
I am the one to influence change
I am a 2EUCE
This is where I finish what you started
This is where I fix what you broke
This is where I have what you wanted
This is where I succeed and you fail
This is where I stand and you can’t

just sumthin i found somewhere & felt applies to me... shoutowt 2 all the MADE 2ueces all over...

Music Monday

"Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant"- Ninjasonik

ANTM Cycle #16 Candidate

America's Next Top Model been flowing since i was in High School with season after season of episodes. That show has benefited so many aspiring models & inspired several others to model. One of these people who are inspired is my homie, Charley F. Baby.

Music Monday

"Work That"- Teriyaki Boyz feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown



Fresh OWT the Pownd

this is just me and my Ace pownd; L1ghts OWT just enjoying being baQ on our regular campus living.. sumthin liite


Jus Chillin

After any party, bbq or super event, the last place i either end u is (1) home (2) Boosie's Base or(3) Ava/Ashlee crib... this is what we do when we just coming down from a party vibes

Sad Days of Cush



You have 2 hear it to understand how its "played"

2 be or not 2 be... A conveyor belt

#GreatDebate on whether this is a conveyor belt or not... argument between Pablo Dollas & Chris ICE



remember that award show i was talkin about in my post like b4 this one?? (of course you dont) well this is the same show & they had Slick from the Ringmasters (if you STILL dont kno who he is, he was on ABDC) come perform. At 1st when they introduced the nigga, i was like "burrr??" but since he was from Brooklyn, i showed love.

Idle feet

nuthin special, just never seen how my feet look when i glide... now i know

the song by the way is called Rainforest by Paul Hardcastle... smoove jazz type ish... reminds me of what my pops listens to...


1st Placers / We Dance, Man!

so i went to this show my cousin performed in at Washington Irving High School over in Union Square & i must say, i was impressed. The show definitely progressed at a good ranking. The started out with 'not so great' groups and ended it off with the best of the best. These are 2 vids of the 1st place winners for each division (my cousin is apart of WRT)

Lifes a Beach



who says Peoplezchoice.org is only about music??(well besides us of course).. Well a big part of it is music. & to show you how much we love music, this is a vid of People'z choice's very own Miss Nyy bustin owt & gettin loose! (well not so much of the gettin loose part but i just felt like sayin it lol).. Enjoy the clip cuz im sure she would (considering this will be her 1st time watching it as well lol #camcorderCANDID!)

... more 2 come [pauz]

Candid Livin'

i stay forgetting the fact my camcorder takes pictures on its own. i was going through my cam's data and discovered all of these candid shots it took while filming the various works thus far for the year. It's interesting to look at these and go back to the time it was taken. well here's to candids & shoutout to all the candidees



sumthin you dont see everyday while walking down my block



my son Chieffy was supposed to perform one of his singles entitled "He's a #Base" t some Award show a club called the Movement, the Zetas and Nupes threw, but ends up cuttin it short to bless the crowd with some lyrical #bars


So Original... smh

i think the era of people quoting songs in their statuses is at its all time high... & quite frankly, i'm very irate. There was a time when people were creative enough to invent their own way of expressing themselves by saying something worth posting & it was original. Nowadays everything is recycled (except recycling smh) , remixed, smacked up, flipped & rubbed down into the same ol' garbage. This blog is here to point owt a few. (Theres hardly enough room in this blog for me to literally tackle all or else i would)


ROO Bruhz

Today is our Upsilon Mu: Da Wreckin Crew's Annual Chapter Cookowt & i wanna show much love to all my prophytes that took the time to make the way for me


Return of the Random

Sooo it's been some time since i maintained the entertainment of this blog. So much has happened in between the last time i blog & this very moment. I'll try to fill you in on some notable events taken place...