so i have this thing now where i want to fulfill my destiny and cop all of the kicks that i told myself i would love to have in my sneaker collection... but like the quazi-baller that i am, i want to take this sneakerhead thing to a new height.. I will definitely be copping these rare kicks not one, but TWICE.. one to rock and one pair to stock... the only issue with that is that with other responsibilities in life, this might take me longer than expected but trust this is not an overnight success... here are a few kicks i have in mind to make sure i have... i just bought a 50 pair sneaker rack and i will aim to fill this entire rack of cool kicks.


Commercial of the week

now this Wrightnow guy is hilarious to me period.. & the fact that he's perisitent to watch movies wit this family makes me laugh.. the "GET IN HERE" signs the deal


Commercial of the week

so i have a plethora of commercials i consider humorous with the littel elements of random they like to incorporate, this Coke Zero commercial is ODee funny to me towards the end... the black dude's head nod of confirmation was all i need to entertain myself



Life is uneasy... Work is straining... family is stressful... love life is horrid... I really need to get it together spiritually cuz I ain't for much nowadays... no light shines & the only thing I plan to look forward to is the end... not talkin drastic like plotting suicide but jus sayin, I think death would be way easier


Look-a-Like (Garnet Silk Edition)

for the record, i even thought this was me for a second


Which is Which?

one of these is a knife & one of these is a bottle opener... but chances are if im addressing this, you can conclude that the obvious answer isnt the answer at all... you already can now conclude that it must be the total opposite of what makes sense being that the silver one is the bottle opener & the black one is the knife.... well you're right... it's exactly that


Music Monday

The Whispers - And the Beat Goes On