eXtra #SUS

i had a #HOWuDOINN moment.. me and Shanara just buggin on a random night to some "gay house" (i dont think its called gay house at all, but it sound like it lol).. its nuthin like dancin wit ya eX-lady to some gay house lol

My DVD Collection (Eventually)

i told myself that when i get my own place, i was going to star a routine of mine and invest in one DVD every check i make. This process will slowly and surely build my DVD collection ODee (im gonna do that with albums too but albums is one a month and im not gonna go in about that right now, ill save that for another blog).. I also said my collection will be on a big ass shelf mounted to the wall put in my customized catagories and then alphabetical order.. Over the years i have seen a plethora of movies and said to myself for some of them the phrase "i gotta have this".. well im here to speak on my notable DVDs that i must collect (sidenote: im calling them DVDs but im a geek so chances are im gonna end up gettin BLURAY just cuz its the newest upgrade)


Message to the Haters

"Make like a Sunshine bear & #KiLLYOURSELF!"

Facebook Fuckery Vol. 1

So i dont normally check my facebook gifts for the simple fact that its pointless, but i figure "what the hey, i might as well see all the stuff ppl send me"...


BiLLz in a nutshell

some may see my life as being this:

but in actuality it feels more like this:

the contradictary clashes that be...

Music Monday

"Shut Up"- Black Eyed Peas

She was #Sprung

looking through my emails and crossed over sumthin someone wrote me lonnnnnng time ago...

Music Monday

"Stronger"- kanYe West (2008 Grammys performance)



dont normally post over the weekend but i found this interview very informative... for those who know about Maino going to jail but didnt know what for, this video explains it 1st hand from.... Maino! (the only person i would want to hear it from)


A Day in the Life... Sleep Productions Vol. 2

One Word to describe him: Perseverance, Yes!

This nigga NEVER gives up... that's what's up!

i [heart] Ahadi Nia

this pic always has and always will make me smile... i love these women more than me (& one is missing MUCH LOVE TO MY BEBA!!!)
QUEiet Storm


Thirsty Thursdays

just a tribute to the many thirsty thursdays we had throughout my Old West time.. when nites looks like a #flop.. niggas pulled thru in the #clutch

Pokemon: Apokelypse

Ever wondered what a live action Pokemon movie would look like?...


Coming Soon...

Just a few furute projects i have in mind to work on:

  1. So iNcredible Vol. 1- My very own mixtape i am going to put together. All original tracks... that means i will write all my songs and produce all of my beats. No i do not consider myself a singer or rapper... i just feel i have the ability to create various ways to express myself so i might as well. Nuthin fancy with the name, if i shall continue with my creative expression, imma just keep everything under the So iNcrediBiLLz name & change the volumes.. of course imma have other people on that wanna be on it... just holla @ me by email: SOiNcrediBiLLz@gmail.com
  2. I will be putting together a documentary series of me going out to my peers looking for individuals who rap/sing/produce/dance/spoken word and so forth... i want people to see the talent that is on the up and coming. i want to capture where theyre from, what they do & what they have planned for the future.. I have no clue what im calling it as of yet but when i put together this series, im sure it will come to me.
  3. upgrading on an actual website (this is just a blog)
  4. T-shirts on the way soon... nuthin crazy.. just gonna start producing some iNcrediBiLLz logo tees for whoever want some.. for now black, white & purple tees
SO if you know me and you sing, rap etc... holla at me! like #deadass
& if you dont know me and you sing, rap etc... holla at me anyway and well see what we can work out (i aint too fond of this path tho cuz niggas is #SUS lol #imjussayin)

Random Video Wednesday

One word for this clip.... #EPICFAIL (wel that's 2 words but F*ck it)... this clip never gets old

Whats BEEF?

Happy Birthday Slink

Big shoutout to my bro Slink on reaching up wit the big boys to see his 24th birthday... You been looking out for a nigga since Moville Fall 04... continue to do what you love and love what you do


Life is Special...

i know we all hear the cliche phrase that "life is short and must live everyday like its our last".. it really hits home to know that someone close to me is slowly dying.. This person is definitely makes a big impact in my life and doesnt even know it.. My mental is all messed up from even thinking about it so i can only imagine what thoughts run through their minds.. been kinda down these past couple of weeks due to a combination of things but this being one that hits the most... So if you don't hear from me or wondering why you can't get in touch with me, this is the reason.. One of those times that even the words of comfort couldn't really put me in any best of moods.. just gotta let it rock out i guess... if there was only something that could be done for this person.. all i can do is pray

Two Words...


Where U @?

this blog is dedicated to these celebs who came into the game and dissapeared off the face of the earth with their music... im assuming you either taking a break (#lies) or just never had talent in the 1st place... there should be no reason you letting this opportunity go to waste...

Music Monday

"Virtual Insanity"- Jamiroquai

PS- that cockroach is so random


IDC what no1 say, these 2 look alike!

Music Monday

"Kick Push"- Lupe Fiasco (Aviators Rmx)



So i can remember the first time i was introduced to my nigga Rizzy... it was thru my nigga Ziggy (go figure these niggas and they names lol)... Ziggy rapped, Rell sang... BiLLz made beats... it was only right we all chilled in the common interest of music... my son Rell did his thing on this track called "Remind Me"... listen & if u like it... u can holla at Rizzy yaself for more music


VegasStylin? iGuess

Random Video Wednesday

If you ever saw the movie Titantic and dreadfully watched through almost 4 hours of fuckery... here's a revised, more viewer's friendly version of what the movie as about

The Dare

There's just some things you shouldn't do... One of them is eating a big chunk of Wasabi and expecting any positive results... well with that said....


Trainride w/ Marcus Green

DeSaturation Days

Pictures i found in the vault... DeSaturating used to be a trademark of mine because before PhotoShop, i used to be amazed at how people used to make their pics black and white but keep one thing in color... then i taught myself how to do it and been doin it ever since:


2 Drunk 4 an Interview?

yet another crazy night in Marshall 4D... So let's fuck with Shotta D!

Music Monday

"Crush on You"- Lil' Kim feat. Lil' Cease

PS- i love this video for the fact that they were in the SAME ROOM THE ENTIRE TIME... just shows you with a little lighting, outfit changes & wigs, you could have a low budget video that marks as one of the MOST MEMORABLE VIDEOS of time.

Beastmode Ballers

i 4got where i found these pictures but i found them very interesting for each player...

Music Monday

"I know"- Jay Z feat. Pharrell (Aviators Rmx)


Have A Nice Day

We all seen this face before plenty of times in the most positive of ways... well i shall warn you... the only thing positive about this face will be your discretion... Have a nice day! #comingsoon

Bored much?


iPod Squadron

just some pictures i made wayyy long before i even had PhotoShop... i saw one of my old friend from JHS Keith rocking with a profile picture of him looking like an iPod commercial... i asked him could i have one and he shitted on my life.. so in return i remied his iPod picture to look like an ODee jiggaboo.. after doing that i realized, the only way to get sumthin done, is to do it yourself.. so i did for me and my close circle.. but once people start to see your pics, they want they own.. it was a harmless thing at 1st but then the whole world wanted they own damn iPod looking pic.. i was nice enough to make them then, if i knew that idea was a success, i woulda hustled for it..


Self explanatory... So iNcredible!

Perfect Value Meal

A Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's + Large fries from McDonalds + Sweet Tea from McDonalds + Spicy Chicken Nuggets from Wendy's  w/BBQ sauce = #LIFE


Who's Sextape is this??

Random Video Wednesday

before you watch the clip, you might wanna check this link to the original video 1st... then it would enahance the humor of this video


this was around the time i thught i had a vision to make some T-shirts (sumthin liite)... i still might but these designs aren't anything i wanna put owt anymore..

Happy Birthday Kharmony!

Big Happy Birthday shoutOWT 2 Kharmony of Fortune457... much luv 2 u, Coleman <3

Live RAW! Laugh LOUD!

just got finished making the logos for my PBFamilia and their on-campus sketch comedy show entitled "Live RAW! Laugh LOUD!"... i will most definitely be contributing to this show of course


#Rake'in fi bun!

Now i haven't truly been writing anything lately but i just wanted to take the time to talk about the "'lovely'" people we all know as the #RAKES... i mean don't get me wrong, everyone ends up being a #rake at some point and time (& if you disagree, you are lying to yourself) but its just some people truly live off of #rake'ing, its not even funny...


on our way to the AV, this is what we Greeks do (well at this time, i wasn't greek but you know what i mean lol)... just a regular day at Old West with my niggs Theron Corleone & King Kola Copy... sumthin liite

Waitin 4 U

So she tells her man "let's go fishing..."

"... well go tomorrow morning when the sun rise"

and then she said she wants to take her kids and...

that's her boy that's 12 and her daughter that's 4 with angel eyes


Cafe World


Music Monday

"Bitches aint shit"- Dr. Dre


Just looking back at these days makes me believe i will laugh at this 10 years from now. Oh what sober fun we had baQ then... shoutowts 2 eLito for capturing these moments.

Music Monday

I was Feelin Mixxy (in a good way)... i never was too fond of this Beautiful track by Akon feat. Colby O'Donis & Kardinal Official so i must give kudos to th individual who was intelligent enough to win me over by blending it with LMFAO's "La la la" The edit was superb & to do it ith video is a BBM two thumbs up... Enjoy the music!

Unspoken Wordplay

ight, so check it... i had an idea to do something crazy hot from sumthin i was inspired by... i saw a video and how they used Typography to go with the lyrics of a song... well minus the actual vocal lyrics, i figured this was a good idea to furthur express my lyrical talent i guess... it might get confusing to some people watchin it for the 1st time, so feel free to play back as much as you like



so like everyone and they mama that hears one of my beats, some people just have to have the urge to spit on the same instrumental that catches their eye ear... Self Motivation is always the chosen beat to spit on for most so i just let people rock owt... this is my lil sis Ja-Ja's boyfriend, Beau (that's pronouned "Bow" like Bowling) and company who came up to the school to visit...

The TakeOver



so the other day i posted footage of me stylin on Shotta D while he was smack'D so in fairness, here is footage of me smack'D as well... its only right lol

He wants 2 do.. ya Graphic Designs

This originally was a project that my homie Slinky made for his business class at Mo'ville. It was for the purpose of visually showing all of his works over the years... I figure i show you so you can see how much he grew since his early days of Photography and graphic design...


BiLLz So Fly; iM killin em

Random Video Wednesday

New segment where i just upload some of the most funniest or memorable internet clips that were interesting to me. May i add the legal disclaimer that NONE OF THESE CLIPS, MUSIC, OR CONTENT BELONG TO ME IN ANY WAY & FULL OWNERSHIP IS GRANTED TO THEIR RIGHTFUL PRODUCERS....

MO 2 da OW

Bloggers Wanted

Anyone tryna collaborate on a blog??? if so, holla at me on twitter (@BoBBiLLz) or my email (SOiNcrediBiLLz@gmail.com)