Random pictures i came across on my harddrive that before i decide to delete them entirely, I'll post on them on the blog.

The ol' branding image

BiLLz Wurds 4 tha Weak


Not a pleasing outcome...

DDR Disaster


The LOW point

this is the worst feeling ever to feel and im at that point of depression.... life is real and never how you plan it. Especially when the power of planning is not in your hands to make it..... that's all i will say....


Rememberin' the times...

Today was one of those moments where the earth stood still. This happened upoin hearing the news of the King of Pop passing away this afternoon. This blog won't be long winding about all of how he will be missed. I'm gonna use this bog to commemorate the man's life. He was a big influence in the music industry, as well as the world. Regardless of all the extra publicity stuff about him, this man died with a good history. Here's to the man we all listened to and watched growing up... MJJ; your Jersey has been raised in my life's Hall of Fame.




Happy father's day... smh

So let me start off this blog with a simple Happy Father's day... cuz iM about to go in on how much Non-Happy mine went down.

In order to go in about this wack ass day, i must tell the tale of my day the night before. Saturday evening i decided to go to the Bronx to visit my homegurl Tangi B. for her house warming. There was so much going on on this day but i decided to support my homie and head by her. Got dressed and waited for my homies Slinky and Yapp to pick me up to head out there. On the ride there, i randomly decided to record the drive there (you'll see why this will play a significant part). We got there and it ws a good time. i'm not really gonna go into the good time of that event cuz that's not why im writing. Anywho, we left and decided we were goin to my friend Frankie Style's crib to see how he doing. Frank came outside to talk to us a bit. I was already on the phone with my homegurl Sable telling her about my day so far. While Yapp, Slink & Frank are talking and i'm on the phone, a NYPD pattywagon drives by. We all notice the van passing by but not thinkin anything of it's presence. Tell me why the van slows down and pulls up in front of Frank's crib. Two officers hop out the van and approach us asking the question "Why did we get called out here?". None of us really know the answer to that because #1. We definitely just got there and #2. No one ws loud so we really couldn't find any reason they would be called. The officer said someone reported us allegedly breaking into their car. We all know that it wasn't us and wasn't really bothered. The officer searched us and found nothing that was worth arresting us for (meaning drugs or weapons). He had all of us (including Frank who lives there) line up on the fence and wait. This officer (who is white by the way just in case if you were wondering... i'm not pulling the race card... it is what it is) was questioning my Frank asking him "If he ever was arrested?" (which the answer was NO) and "were you ever in Georgia on the run?" (WTF!). Another squad car parked and A Black officer approaches us this time with the white officer. The black officer swears I look familiar but is highly impossible because i do not live in the Bronx. The whole time im still on the phone with Sable telling her that we gettin searched. Over the walkie talkie, the dispatcher says sumthin about us being IDed as the suspects and once they heard that, the cuffs went on and we were put in the wagon. Before they took us to the precinct tho, the black officer gonna take pictures of our faces with his blackberry. For what reason? I have no clue

Lemme stop right here. I remember an incident where i was stopped before for "fitting the description" of a dude who held someone at gunpoint and robbed them. They stopped and searched me as usual but for them to ID me as the actual dude that did it, they brought the victim over to where i was, and point out if i was the suspect that robbed her. In that incident obviously i was NOT.

But check it, they "claimed" to have IDed us but there was no victim on the scene to actually identify us as being the dudes who broke into the car. (THAT'S STRIKE ONE OF FUCK UP ON THEIR PART... THERE'S MORE)

They took us to the 47th precinct where we were searched... AGAIN and stuff confiscated. When i tell you they violated on my KidRobot hat (that one i wore in that photoshoot with the blue shirt), THEY VIOLATED ON MY SHIT. The nigga put all the shit that was in my pockets inside of the hat and literally STUFFED the shit in one of those Minilla envelopes. While we are each getting our stuff taken, some spanish officer gonna tell us to turn to him and look at him. The dude stared at us for like 2 mins straight (as if he had some super human capability to read our minds and find out if we really did break into whateva car they said we did). The black officer asked me "Who was wearing the [KidRobot] Bookbag" and "Did you have anything in there?" I told him my camcorder was in there. He was mad suspect about it and start asking me mad questions about my camcorder as if i wasn't gonna see that shit again after the night was over. Slink was at a wedding before the house warming and was paid upfront. they searched his wallet and told him he could only carry $100 on him and took the rest of his hard earned money and left him with $100.

They took us to the holding cells where basically other niggas was being held at. They told us to take out our shoe laces, take off our belts and if we had any strings or anything on our hoodies or pants to take those out as well. Frank was wearing sweatpants and a hoody and they literally ruined his shits by cutting off the strings that were in them. Also they made us turn our socks inside out and then put them back on i guess to see if we were hiding shit. That was very weird to me because even the dudes in the holding cell were like "That's crazy cuz none of us had to do that... ya'll the 1st to have to do that shit". I was a little tight to see that niggas in the holding cell had on fitted caps, which made me wonder why the hell did that officer had to violate on my fitted like that if these niggas get to wear they own hats? We waited in that cell for about 20 minutes before they decided to come back and let us out.

They gave all of us summons saying we have to go to court on August 7th, which i didnt understand why they would give us summons if they know we didn't do anything. After we were leaving they were saying the story we were stopped was they was saying sumthin about us tryna steal a camcorder form the car (So all of a sudden now that you know i have a camcorder, that was what we were tryna steal?) After we left the precinct i called my pops because he is a retired police officer. I told him about the incident and he even found it to be a bit farfetched. He told me to look at the summons and see what was the charge. I couldn't read mine because it was in bad handwriting but when i read Slinky's shit, i realized the shit said "DIS CON" which basically means DISorderly CONduct. Mind you we been cooperating with these officers the whole entire time. Not once did anyone get unruly to be charged with disorderly conduct (STRIKE TWO!). He also said if the reason we were stopped was because of my camcorder then they were supposed to confiscate the camcorder as evidence (STRIKE THREE). Also i definitely could prove that the camcorder was mine because of the video footage i was recording earlier before we went to the house warming (how the hell do i try to steal a cam from a car at 1am but have footage already on the cam from 7pm the day before????...(STRIKE FOUR... they're on a roll). Another thing, my pops told me that when the black officer took pictures of us with his phone that he violated my rights because he wasn't supposed to do that

basically i'm not letting these cops off the hook. They basically stopped us for no apparent reason, had no proof that we were the suspects, took us in to the precinct and violated our belongings and then basically penalized us with an unjust charge. This incident probably happens to alot of people who don't voice out to prevent this from happening in the future to other young black males (or all Black males for tht matter) THE NYPD FUCKED UP AND BASICALLY JUST TRIED TO MAKE THEIR QUOTA FOR THE DAY. Unfortunately for them, this wasn't the best idea for them to do to a person that will make sure that i take the right matters and report their asses to the rightful authority for this injustice... I never been arrested til today, what a happy father's day this was to start with.... smh


BiLLz Musik Vid of the Week

If you haven't heard of the Teriyaki Boyz, then YOU NEED TO! dammit!... These have to be the coolest Japanese dudes i know. They're under Pharrell's label Star Trak Entertainment and this is one slept on track if you ask me. It's featuring both Pharrell and Busta Rhymes.. this isn't a new video 'cuz this was around the time Busta cut his hair & this isnt the original version either but Youtube wont let me embed that version, but i still love the song... The most interesting part of this song is the chorus... my boy P-Willy is literally rappin it out in Japanese... THAT'S HOT! Well enjoy 'cuz i know iM uploading it on the Pod right now.


Been 'round di world & ThaBOIizBak

Oh the places i been... this blog is just showin' ya'll how i'm livinnnnnnnnnn fo' da cittttayyyyy, lol


BiLLz Photoshoot: Sekond Look

just the second wave of the pictures i took on that photoshoot of a day...

Most Ppl Would Consider This... "iLL-Eagle"

So we all know how much 2009 is THE production year right???....[crickets]... right????.... [crickets].. WELL IT IS! and i have proof that this year as we reach the 2nd half of it will be nuthin' but crazyness and worthy entertainment for you music fiends out there craving for your next hit. Loso; my brotha 4rm anuva mutha... you all might know him as Artful C!, combined with the lyrical words & sikk beats of his homie Justin aka JusThink, bring you the sound of "iLL-Eagle".

The "Perfect" Wifey

Just a few traits i saw in other females i know and if i could, i would piece them together to make what i consider to be the "perfect" wifey in my book.

BiLLz "perfect" wifey will:


BiLLz Slogan Test

Can anyone identify any of these slogans without having to Google?
  1. Wats in your wallet?
  2. Once You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop
  3. You Just Cant Have One
  4. Get Your Own Box
  5. 15 minutes could save you 15 % on car insurance
  6. Just do it
  7. The freshmaker
  8. Have It Your Way
  9. I’m Luvin It
  10. We Do Chicken Right
  11. Obey Your thirst
  12. Leave off the last S for savings
  13. Impossible is nothing
  14. What it means to be from Maine
  15. Because diamonds are forever
  16. Got milk?
  17. Always ________
  18. Are You In Good Hands?
  19. I guarantee it
  20. When your banks says No ________ says YES
  21. Come hungry, leave happy
  22. I love this game
  23. Its in the game
  24. Built ____ Tough
  25. Like A Rock
  26. Well Leave the light on for you
  27. Done.
  28. Taste The Rainbow
  29. Where U At?
  30. Only you can prevent forest fires
  31. Blazin’ hip Hop & R&B
  32. Going Your Way
  33. Accepted Everywhere you wanna be
  34. Cars Love Us, People Like Us
  35. Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands
  36. Get The F Out
  37. King Of Beers
  38. Hungry? Why wait?
  39. It gives you wings
  40. ________: Australian for Beer
  41. It's not TV, it's _________
  42. We never stop working for you
  43. Keeps going and going and going.
  44. [It's] so easy to use, no wonder it's number one
  45. Maybe she's born with it... maybe it's ________
  46. Kid tested. Mother approved.
  47. They're grrreat!
  48. Pizza! Pizza!
  49. Think outside the bun.
  50. Be all you can be
  51. Take a bite out of crime!
  52. This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?"
  53. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  54. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
  55. _____ has bite


BiLLz Vent Session: On the Run Incident

BiLLz is gonna sound so racist right about now but iM at the point of anger where i just dont give a fuck. For every foreigner that owns a store overnight and feel that for whateva reason, you are not customer friendly, then QUIT YOUR FUCKING JOB AND GO BACK TO WHEREVA THE FUCK YOU CAME FROM AND SERVE YA HOMIES OVER THERE. Cuz apparently when i try to be professional and polite about a situation and you come off like iM a threat then secretly call the cops (who walk into the store so casually as if they intentionally came in to shop) for a situation that clearly doesn't need to go that far. All this confrontation all because YA FORIEGN ASS CAN'T USE THE REGISTER. That's why instead of hiring ya cousins, you should actually hire someone with experience in that field... but you're too busy assuming that "all black people are gangbangers and every one of them must have a gun and a bad temper"


BiLLz Album Pick of the Week

I discovered the best album to listen from beginning to end is The Death of Adam by 88-Keys. For those who don't know him, he the one who came out with the single "Stay Up (Viagra)" featuring kanYe West (why did i feel i had to name drop in order for you to realize who he was? lol). This album is good to vybe out to on a regular stress free day. THE worst case scenario for any man. I recommend this album though. It definitely makes you aware. Not to mention, Keys flow fits in the lines of Consequence, Rhymefest, Drake, Wale and all those other cool rappers.


BiLLz Photoshoot: Phirst Look

On top of having my hair cut, i just celebrated it i guess with something special. My homie Slink has been tryna get me in the studio for like ever and a day and i keep prolonging the journey but on a rainy Friday afternoon is when i decided to go and pop my Photoshoot cherry. Nuthin special really to me, cuz iM no model, but it was jus nice to see the outcome of what i did.


Facebook Sabatoge

Ladies & Gentleman, i have witnessed a new crime taking place in today's society. Everyday people are fallen victims to this ongoing epidemic. People get comfortable and are left vulnerable to another lurking in the shadows awaiting to attack.


Favorable Quotes

all the random quotes that come out of my mouth with help from visual aides