Shaun X [Promo]

this is a promo for my new tattoo artist; Shaun X (qka "the nigga who did my Saxophone tatt").. the dude is talented so he is iNcrediBiLLz approved

D!zzY - The Statement [Official Video]

just a video i produced.. stay tuned for this artist... he the next wave coming

Spring X baQ @ it

stepshow exhibit me and my LBs (+ Julian [Fa10]) at Adelphi University

Kysh & BoBBy: Webisode Too

Kysh & BoBBy: Webisode Uno

D!zzY - NOTORIOUS [Teaser]

Arizona (in a nutshell)

this is pretty much what i think AZ consist of in a one minute video lol

Greek TakeOWT Stepshow

this is the step show in Arizona i went to go support my homie Nadira and her chapter.. they ended up winning so it was sorta-kinda worth the trip

Cruisin in AZ

this is just random footage of me in Arizona with one of the Deltas i met owt there from Mu Eta chapter; Tamika... bonding time with the Deuces


my son Malcolm qka Mav spittin a few bars to some of my beats in the crib.. i was like, "why not record?"

Not Mr. Jonz


Fright Fest

just me & my LB Jabari at Fright Fest in Maryland... random clip i didnt want to just up & delete... nuthin special tho