Black or Black?

so im in the process of iD'ing some Spizikes on NIKE.com and im in debate on which A(ll) B(lack) E(verything) pattern imma go with... the 1st image is just Suede Nubuck & the 2nd is Black Elephant print... Basically im in the works to add an A.B.E pair of kicks of almost all kicks i love... with the whole iD aspect of it, instead of the "23" on the heel, i put "03"... that represents 2003; which was the year the big blackout happened in NYC N the entire North Eastern part of the country... as well as the same year Jay Z released "The Black Album"...


Bugg N Owt Moment

i was feeling Brooklyn for a minute so just wanted to show off my favorite character in my favorite scene from one of my favorite movies "Do The Right Thing"


Its a Lifestyle

this man is clearly not gonna be successfully counting unlimited money anytime soon tho...... but he is #deadass scum... but shoutout to the Gifted And Natural Grinders



although this vandalizes SIRTOA property, they may have a point here lol



So in support of my wifey who doesnt eem know it, i was gonna purchase a pair of Adidas GLC Teyan Taylor Edition... to much avail, the kicks were released a day early with no warning and they were sold out online before the drop date... the people who copped a pair then began putting up their resell price on eBay and these are some of the ODee prices i've ever seen in my life!... safe to say, i won't be coppin my baby's kicks anytime soon... =^[


Cool'N Owt

Sn'eads Glossary

this glossary courtesy of osneaker.com

Every culture has it’s own unique slang that helps dedicated connoisseurs stay in tune with what they love to do. Sneakers aren’t much different, fanatics use these terms on a daily basis to communicate with each other. Every wonder what does DEADSTOCK mean? Well you came to the right place. We will school you on all of the trendy words that make up the sneaker culture. 

Red White n Blue gives You WINGS


Happy New Year!

It's actually 2 years now but same difference... your time is short!