iNcrediBiLLz Facts

Dontchu wish the moment you met someone, there was some way you could know all the things you're supposed to know from the start?

Like for instance, you just meet a guy/girl... you hit it off... you chillin with each other and the moment when you feel you two are making the utmost connection, you find out that he/she crazy as fuck!.

DEAD ASS most of us fall victim to situations like such. That's why i think everyone should have some document attached to them at all times informing all the problems they have, so that if another so choices to read it and still tolerate it, then its all good.

Almost like Nutritional Facts on the side of any food. Well for all the ladies, i took the liberty of making my own Nutritional facts for whoever decides to still be attracted. Don't say you been warned.


BiLLz Top Ten Female Celebs

iDecided to make a top ten of female celebrities that if i was THE MAN and could holla at 'em, i would!



So today is definitely my day of birth and although the significance, i treat today like any other. There are a few routines i do follow by though. Say for instance, I do not log in on Facebook or Myspace for an entire day until 12am of the next day. Also, i make wishes on times like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. as well as make a wish on the time 3:25. For every birthday that passed, i recognized the fact that i am always single. "Born Alone; Be Alone" i guess. So far i spent my birthday rescuing Brooklyn (cousin's Pitbull) from being locked in the bathroom, gettin my hair done and traveling the long journey back to campus for class at 8:30am.. Technically my birthday isn't til the clock strikes 10:55am but hey, i'll rock with it. The day has yet to begin and there will be more shit.


Scuff my Kicks

There's not one person out there that can tell me they love it when they purchase new kicks just to find out that later on in your day, you find that they have been physically violated by who knows what. Well this blog isn't about sneakers but iJust want to take the time to talk about all the things that annoy the hell outta me just like Scuffed kicks. So iCall this blog "Scuffs my Kicks" (it's basically my version of "Grind my Gears" but that is already copywritten [Peter Griffin on Family Guy])


So here it goes... Throughout my daily internet life, i get annoyed of all the typical cliches people follow habitually. It is a growing tradition of ignorance and quite frankly I'm tired of it... I'm sure i have fallen victim of it a few times but all of those cliches stop here with me... I just wish it was the same with everyone else... If most of you arent aware of these cliches, i shall, like i always do, list out the many (but not limited to) cliches i recognize daily... This topic was actually done by my colleague L0SO and i'm just stressing the fact these still exist.

[1] The "Big Bucks" Pictures- This is when someone uploads a picture with their whole life savings for the world to see in order for others to witness how they're "Ballin".

BiLLz Rebutal: "If you have to show all of your money in a picture just to make a point to others, chances are you really dont have THAT much money to begin with. I would think rich people would tend to keep their income confidential for others NOT to know how much they actually make.... But thats jus my opinion".

[2] The "Self Photographer" picture- This is the pictures that you see the person taking their own picture and you can clearly see the device they used to take it in the picture.

BiLLz Rebutal: "I believe this one is also the Myspace Traditional photo but since when was it cool to be your own photographer? Is it that serious where we simply can't ask someone else to take the picture. Usually this picture is taken in a bathroom where the person doing the picturetaking aint supposed to be wearing what they're wearing in the 1st place (LADIES!)."

[3] The "I'm Talking on my phone or playing with my sidekick" picture- This is when a person decides that they must show people that they have the ability to talk on their phones or sidekicks.

BiLLz Rebutal: "These people are the worst. I'm sure they know that a picture is being taken of them but yet they decide that its more important to worry about the next IM they get on their sidekicks than to actually pose for a picture. Everyone is able to talk on a phone so why should anyone be amazed at even looking at pics like these. What am i supposed to say when i see this? "Oh shoot! he making an outgoing call! thats Whats Hot in the Streets!" Our urban youth today, i swear...."

[4] The "Must have fingers up to take a picture" picture- The pictures where you are always seeing an individual doing various gestures with their fingers in order to take the picture.

BiLLz Rebutal: "Honestly, I am not even gonna lie... I fall victim to this in every picture i do lol... As for others, you see them always with fingers up. Half the time, its gang related, the other half is people not even knowing what it is that they're throwing up in the first place... What ever happened to just smiling and standing? did that get played out at some point?... Middle fingers are the most popular finger gesture and sometimes the people doing it are the nicest people you ever meet"

[5] The "Shoe Collection" Pics- The picture which shows an individual's entire sneaker or shoe collection.

BiLLz Rebutal: "It's amazing how many times i have seen these pictures... Sometimes, people get creative and will make a pattern out of their sneakers for people to see... But just for the record, I don't really think that anyone really cares to much for another person's shoe collection... the most you're gonna get out of doing this is "Oh those are nice!" and if that makes your day everytime someone says it then By Golly!, keep doing what you do to satisfy your low self esteem that you can't control but surpress it by purchasing quantities of kicks"

[6] The "7Days7Nights" Pictures- These are all the pics people take at parties and after they get home, go straight to the site and find their pictures to post on their blogsites.

BiLLz Rebutal: "First off, i don't club nor party so i can honestly say i don't have ANY of these pics... but what do i have to say about them? ummmm, nothing bad really... usually the person who takes them are professional with it. I'm just annoyed at how many people have these kinds of pics... It has gotten to the point where you're not cool unless you have a 7days7nights, WhatsPoppin.net, TalkofNY, etc. picture in your album.... Bah Humbug"

I do have LOTS more to write but i think imma stop here and let anyone who can find more cliches to speak on them. There's a lot out there so speak ya mind on the ones you are gettin tired of seeing over and over...

*BiLLz* **Up-N-Atom!**


Birthdays were something that I looked forward to when I was young but as i grow old, i realize the more they suck err'y year.


In my lifetime, i've been given unique nicknames from err'y direction... Most of these nicknames have stuck with me through life, while others were just quick fads of their time... But each and err'y one had a story behind it... So i take this Blog to find out from you Femmes and Dudes... If you ever had a nickname for me and can remember why and how you came up with it, leave a comment!... whether the names are positive or not, i have a sense of humor, lol (I'm a big boi, i can take the OD bad ones)

so far:

Nursery Rhymes?

Lately iBeen making use to using this blog thingy to express the utmost random thoughts that run through head of mind. Today, it's nursery rhymes. Some of us are familiar with most nursery rhymes singing them loud and proud throughout our youthful days. Just like most of Hip-Hop today, we were so use to reciting the song but not fully interpreting the message the song is expressing. Well i'm here to analyze some of these "innocent" rhymes and i'm here to tell you that half of them aren't as "innocent" as they are portraying to be.


24 Hours

If you had 24 hours to live, just think Where would you go? what would you do? who would you screw? And who would you wanna notify? Or would your ass deny that yo ass about to die?

This song made me think if iEver had 24 hours to live, how would iSpend it? well BiLLz definitely broke his day down and it goes a lil' sumthin like this:


1st Blog

So this is my 1st blog and to be honest, i hate to write.... So i just wanted to post at least this much and maybe if im in the mood, i'll post more.