100 Days

Not much to write really, i just wanted to post these pics up to i guess celebrate Obama's 100 days in office... Not really anything im crazy about but i kept hearing it all day... Made these pics long time ago (except the "My president is Black" one... that's by SleepProd) but just felt they still show appreciation to our 1st black president... kinda cool to say that.


WTFizzle Pharrell?!?!

this picture hurts me as much as it hurts himself. My idol, the musical genius, the BBC Astronaut decided to do some new tattoo removal treatment and basically rid of his tattoos. Aint that a bit of bullshit? this dude look like he got his ass beat by four dudes. Tattoos definitely explain and express who you are. I'm tired of hearing the same typical lines that people say to justify not getting one because they're too puss. For example:

"I don't wanna be 70 with those things on my skin".
(God forbid but who knows if imma even make it to 70. Plus, if im older and someone notices my tatts, i can tell them exactly when and why i made the decision to get it)
"The real world doesn't accept tattoos"
(I say F*ck a job that discriminates on what is on your body over the intelligence and skill you have to do the job.)
"It's not good to mark up ya body"
(Ok, you know what else is not good to do to? SIN!... but we do it everyday)

S-M-H to Mr. Williams


Today in History

Just some things i Googled and found out happened in history on this day of April 18th.



Someone tell me why my mind is always so damn creative and random? I have like mad ideas for things that i think in no way shape or form would actually pull off in the real world but could be pulled off as spoofs for entertainment. here's my input....



* The yellow pages of people you know

* where you're recommended people who you don't know but request them anyway because Facebook thinks you "may know them"

* is where people add people as friends with no intentions to talk to them in real life

* is where you get the 20 second amazement feeling of finding people you haven't spoken to in ages

* where all the incriminating pictures dwell

* it's where you can't help but to be nosey (shout outs to Live Feed)

* the site you end up on hours without end waiting for new notifications and messages

* where the "married" status doesn't mean you're married at all

* the only place where you can let people know how "complicated" your relationship is going instead of simply leaving it as it is

* proves giving and receiving birthday luv has never been so easy

* where as long as your someone's friend, you'll never "C" your way out of an "A" and "B" conversation (shout outs to Wall-to-Wall)

* is where the person who writes stati about not caring about what anyone thinks still feels the need to add the Honesty Box application

* one of the reasons people take pictures nowadays

* where "poking" has turned into either some form of a flirtatious feature or some way to annoy the shit out of people.

* the place where people find free counseling and therapy (not the best place for it but... hey!)

* still a place only entertaining to the college crowd

* its Reality television... the internet version

i was bored and felt to be random so i wrote this.... add on below if you feel to

Urban Youth

it has been brought to my attention that urban youth are the most predictable and it's annoys me to see how wack of a cult it has influenced most of our young people today. It's the little Ish they do that kinda gets under my skin. If you seen any of this then whoever you seen definitely falls in this category.


Divine DeSaturation

this is a tribute blog to the Divine 9. I was bored and decided to just DeSat mad pics of friends that are Greek. Nuthin major imma go too much typing in, they're just pictures where i know at least one person in each Org of the Divine 9. (shout outs to Jean, Marie, Ramell, Abe, David, Charlaine, Bobby, Allen, Krystal, Jaquel, Saachi, JoJo, Jeanette, Lanette & Kyle).


Congrats Godsis!

So how bout my Godsis Celina just crossed Delta yesterday!... That's right! Celina "Practitioner" Nixon is the newest member of Pi Rho Chapter's Spring 09 line of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. I went to her "Coming out" show yesterday and saw my sis in action. Seeing her march out, i wasn't sure if it was her. (she was lookin' kinda.... natural [lol]) Then she started spittin al of her shit and i was like "wow! that's really Momma C.! (her name in my phone)" I got to speak to her after and gave her my respects and love but now she's officially done. So once again, i say Congrats to my G'sis and her LineSis together known as "Vital Substance" for their introduction into their sisterhood. BiLLz is very proud! You finally arrived at your DSTination...
stand clear of the closing doors {BING}{BOOM}


The Life & Times of J-P. Williams

this blog is to commemorate the life and times of a special lady in my life. This woman who i feel raised me for the significant portion of my life. Not anything against my mother because i love my mother like crazy more than i ever did, but just recognizing the fact that when i was growing up, the only thing i remember about my mother was her sleeping during the day and waking up to go to work during the night. But the woman who i speak of that fed me, spent time with me, took me to church even when i didn't want to, and basically was that lady to be around is Jean Patricia Williams; my grandmother. (i think that's how you spell it) in a big ass pot on the floor. I remember eating shit like pigfeet and "black pudding" with no problem. Nowadays, you coudnt catch me eating shit like that. Let me tell you something about "black pudding"... it's not pudding at all! (lol) I remember her always driving this green car that eventually got so bad, she would have me pour water on the floor because the bottom of the car would overheat (FACT!). I remember the days that i used to put rollers in her hair and she literally would wear them outside nd brag about how her grandson did her hair. She was the only person known to man to use the phrase "These children are for the birds!" when she was angry. Til this day i still dont know what that mean but have interpreted it to mean something not good (lol).

I missed 283 Putnam Avenue because when my grandmother alive, i felt the whole family
basically lived in that house. From my moms, to both my sisters, my cousins, my aunties and of course my grandma. My family reminds me of the movie Soul Food, but you remember the part where big momma died and the whole family vibe just dissapeared, well that's kinda like my family almost just the drama never ceased. I probably went through worst or will go through worst moments, but in my opinion, i believe the worst news i got in my life was hearing my grandma passed away. it was on April 11th 1995 when me and my cousin got the news. That day is almost significant to me because i feel since her passing, i have never cried emotionally since. I mean, tears have come out of my eyes since, but only when the wind blow in my eyes, or when i have allergies. Well im not gonna sit here and mourn but instead celebrate the life she lived, the people she influenced and the people she raised to be great individuals.

Letter to the G'ma:

I Love you Jean and even though i might not mention you
everyday of my life, i do remember you and will never forget that you were someone very special to me. I wish you were still here enjoying yourself on this Earth but im sure you're way better off in the sky where God wants you to be. If you're looking down over me, make sure that you lead me in ways of good decisions at the same time, i will do my best to lead myself with the consciousness to do good by you. I want you to also watch over your daughter Faith, who since you passed, has been trying to keep good in raising me. It was a rough start throughout my teenage years but ever since i left for college, i think its been on a good road. You left this earth in your 60's and i realize my mother is somewhat there. Im just giving the love she deserves because i would hate to see her leave as well (God forbid). In your image you have instilled some form of you in all of your children. Joy has your old fashioned ways, Faith carries on your Christianity and independent character, Abby holds the essence of your good cooking and Maria maintains the good heart to be available and service to the community of all age groups. So in a way, you haven't left us at all now that i think about it. We all miss you and despite the disfunction, misunderstandings and confusion, we're all for each other in your name.

Spring Break

i dunno about you guys and gals but this has been the 1st spring break where i felt like i was productive, at the same time free of all cares in the world. My vayca started off going to the Poconos in Pennsylvania. Some friends and I put money in on a country house and stayed in for a couple of days. The house had a jacuzzi (or whirlpool, whichever name you wanna call it), a pool table, a sauna, and a hottub outside. That house felt like the "Real World" with no cameras. There was drinking, smoking, and all other types of sinnin' going on in that house (lol). No lie, the 1st night for me was a bottle of Wray & Nephew, 2nd night was Belvedere IX, 3rd night was Moet & Orange juice and Bacardi Razz, 4th night was Bacardi 151 and the last night was Gray Goose. I was sauced all vacation. I'm pretty sure my liver is screaming for a detox right about now.,

The last day we could be in the house was Wednesday so we packed our things and shipped out. I ended up detouring from going home to end up heading upstate to my 1st college experience: Morrisville State College. Even though my time there is expired for the most part, i still have my peoples up there to look forward to have good time with regardless and that's exactly what i did (Shouts to Beebs, Nie, Sable, Tushy, Jawann, Cliff, Swift & Jermz). The 1st night in the ville was definitely a reunion day of seeing people i aint seen in a minute. But to avoid the public scene

i went to chill with my MHM (Mohawk Mafia) family, Swift & Cliff (can't ever say they names separate). We ended up getting so drunk & zooted, i ended up off campus puking in my homegurls toilet (don't ask). The next day (after my crazy hangover) was all about seeing my girls. I ended up reuniting with my "Mismatched Middle" Nie and my "Left handed bandit" Beebs. I ended up meeting a couple of new Mo'villians who are cool by God's standards (shout outs to Jo-Jo, Kayla and Talia). 3rd day at Moville was kinda decent. It started off good at least. I went to some Sex-Ed BINGO ish where i didn't win a thing, Headed off to go rollerskating at the gym (the best shit all night).

[Sorry to digress but if there is one thing to know about me, I LOVE SKATING! been doing it since i was little. I can remember when i got my 1st pair of rollerblades and it never took me more than a minute before i was zooming around in them. I'm not super nice but if there was someplace for me to practice, i think i would be good money. In my opinion Empire Skating Rink should have never closed down and in time when i make good money, imma open it back up and continue the skate legacy. I'm sure im not the only person in the word who feels some type of way that we hardly have anywhere to skate in the 5 boroughs. I think other than the cinematography of the movie, that's the reason why i love ATL so much.]

After skating i went to chill with another Mo'ville veteran; Dolo. Here's one thing about this guy... the man is too cool to even talk about! drank a Steeler before we headed off to the bar where i enjoyed myself yet again running into people i aint see in a minute. The night was basically done after that but there was one issue i hadn't figured out... Where the hell was i gonna sleep?!? I dead ass slept in a lounge of one of the dorms til the morning because all of the potential spots i could crash at were not available. Of course i was tight, but nuthin too serious. I just waited for the sun to come up and left the next day.

So my vayca was a little interesting than the past spring breaks. This one goes right next to the time i peed off Niagara falls on my way to Canada. well all i know is that for the future i wont let another spring break go to waste and if it comes down to being spontaneous and just going somewhere (just like all the places i just said) then so be it!


Tattoo Crave

So check it, i have about 5 tattoos (even though people would consider it 4 because 2 are connected) and honestly i been content with no more than the ones i have for the past 4 years. I just felt that i basically got all of my tattoos at a juvenile age that when i finally turned the age that i could get it, i stopped. But! the crave has come back and im hyped to get more. People may think that tattoos are regrettable but i just feel they tell a story about your life through what you decided to mark at the time.