Bruhz Settin it Owt

its Da Bruhz... thats it

TΩugh 6reak BaQ

our lil show we set owt at our annual chapter cookowt... sumthin lyte (literally)


Ques (Oh Yes!) [TΩugh 6reak Edition]

me and my Ace settin sh!t owt as always


Newest ink courtesy of Shaun X... My so did it big wit the tribute for my pops... Might I add that this had to be one of the painful-est tatts I got thus far... I was takin it like a G at first but once my skin started to swell & he had to do the shading, i was done lol... overall I'm glad I finally got it.. Next stop is my N*E*R*D logo & my power symbol



Roadtrip Chronicles

DC Centennial
just me coolin with the Pownd in DC for our 100 year celebration of the fraternity... nuthin major... iLie... VERY MAJOR INDEED


I'm BaQ!!... (Again!)

so i definitely been super duper uberly lazy with updating this blog BUT i, Bobby Chappelle qka QUEiet Storm qka B.QUEiet qka Mr. iNcrediBiLLz, has returned!... so much to blog about & refuse to let you guys not be entertained... majority of my blogs will be in video form from this point due to the fact that i have upgraded with my SLR camera... so you already know that life is ALL HD EVERYTHING from this point on... stay tuned for all the random clips, documentaries, & just fcukery that will come your way... Glad to be baQ